About SATB2 Gene Trust UK

The SATB2 Gene Trust UK was established to enhance the lives of those affected by SATB2-associated syndrome by providing emotional and educational support, and by raising awareness and supporting research

Our mission will be met by:

  • Raising awareness about the characteristics of SATB-2associated syndrome
  • Providing support to families
  • Supporting research in a wide range of issues related to SATB2-associated syndrome

About us

SATB2 Gene Trust UK is a Not for Profit organisation that was established in 2019. The board consists solely of parents of children diagnosed with SATB2 syndrome.


We are Official Affiliates of the SATB2 Gene Foundation and share the same mission and values.  We are proud to be working closely together them as well as our other global SATB2 affiliates to achieve the same goals.

American SATB2 Gene Foundation

Contact: Allison Kaczenski, Founder and President



French SATB2 Gene Foundation

Contact: Camille Gobin



Spanish SATB2 Gene Foundation

Contact: Maria Teresa Miralles



Meet the board

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