SATB2 Awareness day

August 22 marks an amazing opportunity for SATB2-associated syndrome (SAS), the SATB2 Gene Foundation and the SATB2 Gene Trust UK.  Because this day is one where we can all come together to spread the word about SAS.  To raise awareness within the communities.  It is a way to take action so that the children and families affected by this rare condition can get the best care, have the greatest support, and experience the childhood they deserve.

Why August 22?

August 22nd was chosen to help honour our primary genetic researcher who has not only brought all of us together but has also brought much needed research to this rare condition.  On August 22nd we not only celebrate awareness to SATB2, but we also help celebrate and honour Dr. Yuri Zarate on his birthday.

How to get involved

There are 3 easy ways to get the word out online.

1. Show your support:  Change your Facebook profile frame to let your friends know that you are helping to raise awareness of SATB2-associated syndrome (SAS) and the 200+ children affected by this condition.

2. Spread the word:  Use one of our sample posts to raise awareness, increase support, and encourage others to engage online using the hashtags #mySATB2kid and #showyourSAS.  Also print our sign and take a photo and post back out to social media.

3. Take some action:  Help raise critical funds to support the SATB2 Gene Trust UK to help fulfil the mission of raising awareness, supporting families and funding research for SATB2-associated syndrome. Create a Facebook fundraiser, host a cake bake and invite your friends, ask your child’s school or club to wear purple and so much more.

Click here to download and print the SATB2 Awareness Day sign and take a photo and post back to social media and don’t forget to use our hashtags! #ShowYourSAS #MySATB2Kid #SATB2 #SATB2Awareness

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